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Spotify Best Practices: How to get your music into Spotify playlists (Part 2)

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You have probably noticed this before, but streaming playlists are the new radio plays of 2019. The more you get playlisted, the more streams you’ll get and the more significantly your fanbase and revenues will grow! And by playlist, we don’t just mean playlists made by Spotify’s editorial team, but all playlists made by artists, media, label, influencers, etc. also known as curators! Here are a few tips to get your music playlisted on Spotify.

1. Make your own playlist + communicate

First of all, once you have your verified official page (see our previous article “How to pimp your Spotify Artist profile in 6 Steps (Part 1)") and are in control of what’s featured at the top of your artist page, start with making a playlist of your musical influencers.

You can choose a name and image for your playlist, and write a description including links to your website, social networks, album, etc.

Edition Spotify Playlist

Playlisting Tips : Once you’ve created your playlist, try to update it regularly (Fans only follow playlists to receive notifications of the latest added tracks), share it with messaging and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter) and why not engage fans by asking them what they would like to see on your playlist.

2. Check your statistics

After requesting your Spotify Artist Profile, you’ll be able to check your statistics. Do the maths and select the most successful tracks.

Also make sure to check the territories as you may be surprised to find out you have a great fanbase in Peru!

Statistics Monthly Listeners Spotify For Artists

3. Take advantage of your PR campaign

If you take the services of a PR agent, feel free to ask them to also push your tracks in different music media playlists. They already have contacts and it makes sense that if a magazine, a radio or a blog published a good review of your album, they would also feature your music on their streaming profiles. You could even negotiate and offer them to create a special playlist for them so they could have an exclusive content to share on their profile! If you don’t have a PR agent, we highly recommend that you read our previous article “A DIY guide to public relations : how to be your own publicist”.

4. Enlarge your list of curators and pitch your music

In addition to media, you could also create a list of artists, labels, companies and influencers that manage playlists with the same musical genre like you music and a significant amount of followers. Often, you will find their website or social networks account in the description of their playlists. So feel free to contact them! Try to pitch briefly your music in 2-3 sentences, mentioning the musical genre (or even “sounds like XXX artist”) and the mood (Party, Working, Running, Meditation, Sleep, Travelling, etc.…). You can even spare the curator some time and suggest which playlist matches your playlist best. Keep in mind that the more accurate you are when you submit your music to curators, the higher the chances you will get to be playlisted.

Screenshot Spotify Nike Playlist

5. Try your chance with Major’s profiles and Spotify editors

Once you have media and curators playlisting your music, you can focus on the big players. Among them, Major labels have all created their Spotify Profile in order to create traffic and streams on their catalogue, but they also include independant artists : Warner Topsify , Universal Music Digster and Sony Filtr. Feel free to contact them with the list of all curators’ playlists - or maybe they will find you beforehand as it is their job to follow new trending music and spot the next music sensation. The same applies to Spotify’s editors who have an algorithm with many playlists and will notice your music if your profile is professional and you have already curators supporting you. And since April, you can now directly submit your music to Spotify Editors!

6. Keep an eye on your playlists

In order to keep an eye on your music playlisted on Spotify, you can check regularly some playlists and see if there are some great news you can add. Althought, you can spare some time and use Soundcharts amazing platform an receive alerts anytime your music is playlisted!

Soundcharts Dashboard
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