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Deezer Guide for Artists & Labels

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Deezer, launched in 2007, is a French online music streaming service much like Spotify, Apple Music, and Napster. It offers music catalogs from major labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music. Deezer’s platform also shares and features indie artists and labels to their huge user base.

In this guide, we’ll show exactly why you should release your music on Deezer. You’ll also have everything you need to set up your artist profile on Deezer and get started with a music release strategy for Deezer and other streaming platforms. Everything you read comes directly from our expert Artist and Label Managers. This is the same advice they give to our customers every day.

If you’ve read our Spotify Guide for Artists & Labels, you might already have a good foundation of knowledge to help build your music streaming strategy. In this introduction to Deezer, we’ll give you tailored information to increase your fanbase and reach fans across the world via their platform.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Chapter 1: What is Deezer?

In this chapter, we give an overview of Deezer, one of the biggest music streaming companies in the world. We’ll give you a little background behind the company and explain why it’s important for you to promote your releases with Deezer. If you want to get your music on Deezer, this is the place to start.

Chapter 2: How to make money on Deezer

This is one of the most important questions for artists and labels when adding their music to a music streaming service. In this chapter, we explain the difference between mechanical and performance royalties, and how that applies to streams. We’ll also take a look at how Deezer is innovating its payment process with its user-centric payment system – making payouts a little more fair for artists.

Chapter 3: What is Deezer Backstage?

In this chapter, you’ll get a glimpse behind the curtain with Deezer Backstage. This is the platform’s hub to update your artist profile and dig deep into your stats. In this chapter, we'll show you how to claim your Deezer Backstage account and create a profile that stands out amongst the crowd.

Chapter 4: Growing your audience with Deezer playlists

In the streaming age, playlists are an important tool to help get your music discovered. A playlist feature can boost your audience and fan base numbers significantly. The more people who listen to your music, the more likely you are to grab the attention of the editorial team. In this chapter, we outline the different types of playlists available on Deezer, tell you how to create your own playlists, and show you how to plan a strategy that will build and grow your fanbase on Deezer.

Chapter 5: Deezer for labels

Own a label and want to promote your artists via Deezer? No problem. In this chapter, we give you some essential tips on raising awareness for your label and artists using Deezer’s promotional tools.

At iMusician, we strive to create a world where artists who want to go pro, can. We want a marketplace where independent labels can compete on equal footing with the majors. That’s why, in creating this guide, we wanted to provide practical, useful advice for DIY musicians and independent labels.

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