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How Can I Request a Payout?

To request a payout go to "Payout Overview" in "Revenue". Select the email address or bank account you want to transfer the money to and click on "Request payout". 

Bear in mind that first, you will need to add and confirm this payout address under "Revenue" > "Bank detail" > "Add Payout account":

When you request a payout, there might be some transfer fees to expect : 

Bank transfer

  • EU countries: € 0.40; 
  • Switzerland: € 0.28;
  • Other non-EU countries: It depends on your bank. 

In order to initiate a payout via bank transfer you will need to provide a valid IBAN and full bank account holder details. If you do not have an IBAN, we recommend using a payment provider that issues SEPA IBANs such as WISE, REVOLUT, etc. or you can also request the payout via PayPal.


  • No transaction fee on iMusician side. However, please note that PayPal charges a fee for receiving a payment, depending on the country and the total amount.

Credit card

  • We don’t do credit card payouts

When requesting a payout, please also note the following: 

  • Once a payout has been initiated, payments will be made within 30 business days; 
  • If the status of your payout is still "Pending" after 30 days it means that our team is running some additional checks before our payment can be initiated. As a result your payout may be delayed as these verifications take time. In any case, we will make sure to get in touch with you as soon as we can and with your help and cooperation we will be able to payout your royalties in a timely manner;
  • Only income which has been received by us for your sales and royalties will be paid out;
  • We reserve the right to deduct costs such as "returns" (end customer returns a song to a shop requiring a refund) to your account.