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What Contract/License Do I Need when I Buy a Beat, Sample, or Instrumental Composition Online or From a Third Person?

When you purchase a musical element online (instrumental, sample, loop, and/or vocal) in order to integrate it into your composition, the seller grants you certain rights of exploitation, use, of this element. They are listed in the contract or the license (authorization) that is granted to you. 

 First of all, an invoice or proof of purchase is not a contract/license (authorization). Therefore, it does not list the exploitations that are granted to you. However, the proof of purchase makes it possible to confirm that you are their customer and therefore benefit from this license, with regard to their General Conditions (T&C).

 If you have not received the document, it is important that you contact the seller to request the document. Please note that sometimes these are the general conditions of use of the purchased product.   

1. Be sure to look at the numbers given for streams and downloads.

 The contract/license must authorize you to use the purchased musical element for commercial purposes, in an unlimited way concerning listening (streams) and downloads.

Please note: this information can often appear under the title of "copies"; that is to say the number of copies, both physical (CDs, vinyls, etc.) and digital (downloads) that you can make.   This is important, because if your contract/license is limited to 5000 copies and 100,000 downloads for example, it prevents us from putting your music online: These figures are all media/platforms combined, we cannot stop the distribution once these numbers are reached.   

2. Pay attention to the elements related to the monetization of your music on YouTube/Content ID.

Please do not activate the monetization/content ID if you purchase a music item online (beat, sample, etc.), as its use is granted to you on a non-exclusive basis. This is normally indicated in the contract/license, but if not, please do not activate the above-mentioned services. 

3. Royalty free 

 A license or contract stating "Royalty free" means that you do not have to pay any revenue related to the exploitation of your music. 

Please note: This does not mean that you should put your name in place of the lyricist and/or composer of the musical item purchased online (unless otherwise stated; this is particularly the case for samples or packs purchased on sites such as Splice, SampleFocus, or Loopmasters where you have the option to put your name. However, check the content of the document carefully, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the platform where you made the purchase).  

4. iMusician Support  

If you have the slightest doubt about a license, contract, or the conditions pertaining to a platform selling samples / beats, do not hesitate to contact us: our team of experts can direct and advise you on using your samples and distributing your music in the very best conditions.