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How Can I Monetize My Music With YouTube's Content ID?

YouTube's Content ID is a unique identification code for your tracks that is created by YouTube so they can trace your music on their platform. Here's a little video that explains how it works. Basically, whenever a YouTube video uses your music, we will collect for you the revenue generated by the ads placed on it.

When you're creating a release on your iMusician dashboard, you also have the option of requesting the YouTube CID monetization. It's super simple:

  1. Create a new release;
  2. Make sure to select "YouTube" in the list of shops;
  3. Toggle the "Content ID" switch.

Once this is done, you'll still need to pick the tracks you want to monetize with YouTube's CID. There are eligibility guidelines to make sure your track can be monetized safely on YouTube, so please make sure to check that your content fits all the criterias.

  1. Toggle the "CID" switch for the tracks you want to monetize;
  2. Take the time to read YouTube's eligibilty guidelines and confirm.

IMPORTANT: By doing this, you are confirming that all the tracks you have selected adhere to YouTube's eligibility guidelines and that you've made the necessary verifications. In case your tracks are not eligible according to YouTube's criterias, we reserve the right to reject your order without a refund.

Our team will check your order and the monetization will be activated on the same day your release goes live on the shops. If you're not sure whether the monetization is acitve, you can check the CID status directly from your dashboard in "Library" -> "Tracks" :