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What is Artist Page and how can I set it up?

Artist Pages is the second product of our Artist Hub suite. “Just like a website, but simple”, it provides a hassle-free way of showcasing your music and artist brand without any required web-design knowledge. You can create a pro-looking digital homepage for you and your music within minutes. Here’s how to do it:

  • On the left side of your iMusician account, click on “Products”;
  • Select “Explore Artist Hub”;
  • Under “Artist Pages”, click on “Get your Artist Page”
  • Enter the name of the artist and hit “Add artist” (or “Use existing artist” if you want to set up the page for an artist that’s already in your library)

Now your Artist Page has been created and you’re on the editing page. You can see that there are 4 fields that you can customize on your Artist Page:

  • About
  • Releases
  • Tour
  • Press


This is where you can present yourself as an artist to your audience.

  • Set a profile picture;
  • Include an artist bio;
  • Add media cards (social media, Image gallery, Audio player, Video player and custom links).


That’s where you showcase your release catalog. To make sure the releases appear in this section, we highly recommend you set up all your Release Pages before creating the Artist Page. For more information about how to set-up your Release Pages, click here. Once you have set up your Release Pages, you can enable/disable the releases you want to display on the Artist Page.


If you have an upcoming tour or some shows, this is where you can let your audience know about when and where to see you live.

Enable the page whenever you have upcoming tour dates and disable it when you’re not touring;

Add all the info and hit “Add”, the tour date will now appear on the left;

Add more or remove tour dates.


If you want to reach out to the press or any other kind of media to pitch your brand, this is where it happens.

  • Enable/disable the page whenever you want to;
  • Add contact info (e-mail, phone number, etc.);
  • Add press files (newspaper scans, EPK, etc.);
  • Add quotes (if someone had something nice to say about you, or just because you feel inspired).

Once you’re done customizing your Artist Page, simply hit “Enable Artist Page” and copy the URL* to share it with your community!

*The URL to your Artist Page will never change, regardless of whether you ever upgrade or downgrade your subscription.