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Spotify to Develop a ‘Music Pro’ Add-On Instead of Supremium Tier

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Spotify Music Pro subscription - iMusician

The much-discussed Spotify Supremium may no longer see the light of the day. Instead, Spotify is reportedly working on a “Music Pro” subscription add-on featuring high-quality audio as well as a ‘DJ remix feature.’

Will the anticipation for enhanced audio at Spotify persist?

The news about the “Music Pro” subscription was first reported by the Verge, referring to the new Spotify code findings made by Redditor Hypixely. However, it is not the first time that rumors about a new potential subscription development at Spotify have surfaced.

It was nearly three years ago that some users spotted a HiFi icon on the platform, fueling expectations about upgraded audio and, thus, an optimized listening experience. The speculations about a high-fidelity audio option eventually led to an intense circle of rumors suggesting that a broader “Supremium” tier is, in fact, on the way.

The rumors climaxed in September 2023, with reports indicating that the ‘Supremium’ would offer, in addition to the HiFi audio, “advanced mixing tools,” bolstered audiobook access, and more. It would first be available to selected US users at approximately $19.99 per month.

However, in April of this year, it was reported that Spotify contemplated increasing the prices of its current individual and Family plans by $1 and $2, respectively, including audiobook access in these refined subscription packages. As audiobooks were originally expected to be featured in the Supremium subscription, many started wondering whether the long-rumored offering was still in plans.

Now, Verge claims to have answers to these questions, reporting on the previously mentioned “Music Pro” add-on, which would include lossless audio and the ‘DJ remix features.’ As Verge notes, once the add-on is implemented, users will be able to add Music Pro to their subscriptions for an additional cost.

It is unknown how much that will be or when we might actually witness the add-on (if at all). For now, Spotify remains mysterious about its new subscription additions, leaving users eagerly anticipating the arrival of the HiFi audio option, at the very least.

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