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Spotify Wrapped 2022

  • Martina
  • 01 December 2022, Thursday
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Spotify Wrapped 2022

Since December 2016, every year Spotify has launched a campaign called Spotify Wrapped where users and artists can view and share a compilation of their data about their activity on the platform from the current year. Launched on 30th November, the 2022 edition is out now!

Spotify Wrapped 2022 for listeners

As Spotify says, Spotify Wrapped can be defined as a ‘deep dive’ into the user’/listener’s listening habits throughout the year, with a focus on both music and podcasts. Powered by AI, traditionally, each listener’s Spotify Wrapped includes the top five musicians and top five songs they have streamed the most, their favorite music genre(s) as well as the amount of time (in minutes) they spent listening to music in the app.

Above all, each year Spotify comes up with new categories to make the campaign even more exciting. As of this year, you, as a user, can further see how many different genres you explored or how your listening mood typically changed throughout the day (e. g. from sentimental mornings, to bittersweet and heartache-feeling afternoons, to warm and happy nights).

Additionally, you get an insight into how many songs in total you played; how many artists you listened to during this year; how much time you spent listening to podcasts, and what your top podcasts were.

The cherry on top of everyone’s Spotify Wrapped is then a personalized playlist, ‘Your Top Songs 2022’ consisting of your 100 most streamed tracks, which you can see directly in your recommended playlists in your app. Next to that, you can also see ‘Your Artist Messages’, aka artists thanking you, as their fan, for listening to their music, and ‘Your Missed Hits’.

Spotify Wrapped - artists video

New feature: ‘Your Listening Personality’

Above all, almost every year Spotify tries to extend its categories to make its viral campaign even more exciting. This year you may have also noticed a new feature, called ‘Your Listening Personality’. Made up of four metrics, from the variety of music you listen to, to your exploration habits, the category is supposed to show what the music you stream says about you and your music taste.

There are in total 16 different listening personalities and if you’re interested in learning more about each of them - because maybe, like some of us, you simply don’t like yours - you can scroll through their cards on Spotify’s website.

Spotify Wrapped Listening Personalities

Examples of Music Listening Personalities from Spotify Wrapped 2022

In addition to the individualized data, Spotify also releases information about the listening activity on the platform as a whole. According to the data collection, this year’s most-streamed artist in the world on Spotify was Bad Bunny, followed by Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, and BTS.

Taylor Swift was also the most viral artist globally, meaning that her music was most frequently shared on social media platforms directly from Spotify. The second place in this category was taken by The Weeknd, followed once again by Bad Bunny, BTS, and Lana Del Rey.

The most streamed song of 2022 was ‘As It Was by Harry Styles followed by ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals and ‘STAY (with Justin Bieber)’ by The Kid Laroi. The most-streamed artist, Bad Bunny, also had the most-streamed album played album of the year, called ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, followed by Styles’ album ‘Harry’s House’ and the debut album of Olivia Rodrigo, ‘SOUR’.

Additionally, Spotify has also looked at the most-streamed throwback music in 2022. The most-streamed throwback song of this year was ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ by Kate Bush, which re-gained its popularity through the famous American Netflix series, Stranger Things.

It was followed by the wonderful ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and ‘The Real Slim Shady’ by Eminem. Eminem had also the most-streamed throwback album of 2022, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’. Other most-streamed throwback albums were ‘Hounds Of Love’ by Kate Bush, ‘Parachutes’ by Coldplay, ‘2001’ by Dr. Dre, and ‘1’ by The Beatles.

The top podcasts of 2022

Last but not least, the most popular podcast globally on Spotify in 2022 was The Joe Rogan Experience’, taking the first-place position third time in a row. The second-place position then goes to the host Alex Cooper with her podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’, followed by ‘Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain’.

The fourth place spot is then taken by Spotify Original podcast, ‘Caso 63’, which, apart from English, debuted in Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Hindi while the fifth place goes to a true-crime podcast by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, ‘Crime Junkie’.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 podcasts

The most popular podcasts of 2022 /Spotify

2022 Wrapped for Artists

Listeners are not the only ones that can enjoy the data of Spotify Wrapped. In addition to that, the platform also annually releases Wrapped for Artists, a collection of insights that will let you, as an artist, view and track your overall yearly performance on Spotify. This year’s edition is set to be the biggest one yet.

To get to your Wrapped, all you need to do is to log in to your Spotify For Artists account on the web or your phone and click ‘Your 2022 Artist Wrapped’ on your dashboard. There you can see various data categories, such as your total number of streams, the number of hours fans listened to your music, the number of listeners, and in how many countries.

If you don’t have your Spotify for Artists account yet, you can find out everything about how to create an account and then claim it in our blog! Once you claim your account, you will eventually be able to access your data.

The great thing about Spotify Artist Wrapped is that even if you’re just at the beginning of your music journey if you have at least 3 listeners on Spotify, you will get your very own Artist Wrapped experience. Being fairly new on the platform, you may not learn much about your performance there but whatever data you get is worth celebrating!

Sharing your Spotify Wrapped for Artists

Speaking of celebrating, Spotify Wrapped has been designed as a viral campaign inviting both musicians and fans to share their insights on social media. For artists, this can be a great way to connect with your fans and shout out to them for listening to your music.

It’s important to note that although Spotify Wrapped is generally considered an extremely engaging and remarkable campaign, it’s still a part of Spotify’s marketing strategy. Spotify Wrapped has therefore been vastly criticized in media, which has mostly pointed out the amount of personal data that Spotify collects from their users and uses for free advertising. Some also argue that through its algorithm Spotify largely shapes the listening habits of the platform’s users and therefore Spotify Wrapped ultimately only ‘favors big names and heavy streams’.

One way or the other, the streams and the followers that you got are something you’ve earned and with Spotify Wrapped being released, this may be a perfect time to say thanks to your fans for listening to you over the years.

Spotify itself has provided its own tools to use to toast your top fans, such as Spotify for Artists video message or linking your Shopify store to your Spotify for Artists, to promote your merch. However, to use these tools, you have to follow specific rules (mostly regarding the video) and meet a deadline. Also, as we’ve said before, such means may benefit more big artists rather than independent ones.

Nevertheless, you can find your own way to express gratitude to your fans! You can shoot your very own video, thanking your fans, and share it on social media; share a link to your merch store in your stories (and it doesn’t have to be a Shopify one), or promote the dates of your upcoming gigs. As mentioned earlier, you can also share your Wrapped data cards directly from Spotify on your social media accounts, such as in Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, or even in Facebook Feed.

What is also great is that this year, the share cards are available in 36 languages, which is more than ever before. You can download as many cards in as many languages as you’d like and share them uncountably with your fans around the world.


So, this is the Spotify Wrapped 2022 and we hope we’ve given you all the information you need about the wildly popular Spotify campaign. Keep in mind that although Spotify’s data is definitely relevant, it’s also important to highlight your Deezer data, Bandcamp stats, sales of your vinyl, CDs, and/or tapes, the views on your music videos, or how many shows you’ve played this year.

For those that are just starting with Spotify and would like to distribute their music to the platform, feel free to read our article about Spotify for Artists and check out our product page!


Traditionally, Spotify Wrapped comes out in early December each year. This year we got it even earlier as it was released on the 30th of November!

As a fan, you can see your Spotify Wrapped on your home page when opening the Spotify app. As an artist, you can access your Spotify Wrapped for Artists on your dashboard of your ‘Spotify for Artists’ app. If you don’t have a Spotify for Artists account yet, you can create one through the official Spotify for Artists website and learn more about how to claim it in our blog.

The results of your Spotify Wrapped are collected during the period between January 1st and October 31st (meaning that November and December are not counted). Therefore, once the new year comes, Spotify will start recording your data for the next version of Wrapped.

Last year, the Wrapped roundup was lingering on the home page until the 14th of January. After that, the roundup feature was taken down. It’s likely that this year it will also be taken down around the middle of January.

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