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What are Revenue Splits?

Revenue Splits allow iMusician artists on an AMPLIFY+ plan to divide music earnings among collaborators, such as labels, producers, and featuring artists. It's a transparent way to share royalties and ensure everyone gets their fair share.

How do Revenue Splits work?

It's super simple:

Set splits for new or existing releases

iMusician collects your revenue

Check sales statements monthly to see everyone's earnings

Request payouts whenever you're ready

How do I set up Revenue Splits for my Music?

For new releases:

During the release upload, you can easily specify the percentage share for each collaborator in the following ways:

• All Tracks at Once: Set the percentage share for all tracks when entering the release details

• Individually for Each Track: Alternatively, you can customize the split for each individual track while uploading your songs

For existing releases:

• Log In: Sign in to your iMusician account

• Access Library: Depending on your preference, you have two options

1. For editing splits for a full release, navigate to your Library and select 'Releases.'

1.1 Find the specific release you wish to edit splits for and click 'Edit.'

2. If you want to edit splits for individual tracks, select 'Tracks' from your Library.

2.1 Click on the track you have in mind and head to the 'Revenue Splits' tab.

• Select Collaborators: Add the collaborators you want to share revenue with and specify their percentage splits

It's as simple as that! Just ensure that the total percentage adds up to 100%. You only need to enter the collaborator’s name, an email address is not needed at this point.

Can I edit splits post-release?

Absolutely! You can change the Revenue Splits even after your release is live. As the release owner, you retain full control over the splits, allowing you to make adjustments at any time (such as changing the name of the collaborators or their shares). Note that any historical share splits will remain unchanged and your changes will apply only to future splits. Changes to collaborator names, however, will be reflected in both past and future records.

When do my edited splits Take effect?

Splits are calculated according to how they were set on the first day of the month. For example: if a split is set as 50% and 50% on August 15 and then changed to 85% and 15% on August 25, the sales revenue paid out mid-September will be calculated according to the latest update which was present on September 1, in this case 85% and 15%.

Remember that you will see the split revenue only in three to four months due to the delay of royalty payments from the shops. The splits can be changed as many times as you wish until the first revenue is posted.

Can I split royalties with someone who doesn't have an iMusician account?

Absolutely, you can split royalties with individuals who haven't signed up with iMusician. No need for them to create an iMusician account. Simply include their names when configuring your Revenue Splits, and when you're good to go, request payouts at your convenience. As the primary account holder, you have full autonomy over the funds. Plus, you can add additional payout accounts, such as bank accounts or PayPal, directly in your iMusician account, making it even easier to pay your collaborators.

How do I see the individual earnings and issue payouts?

You'll find a detailed summary of your earnings under ‘Revenue’ in the ‘Statements’ section. Track your earnings by recipients on a monthly or yearly basis and utilize the date range filter for in-depth analysis of your earnings history. As the account holder, you can issue payouts at your discretion, which allows you to manage your finances, including covering studio bills and production costs, according to your needs. That means that no split earnings will be paid out automatically, you are 100% in control.

Learn more about how to request a payout.