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Brandon Miller

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Best Time Of The Year To Plan A Release

No matter what time of the year you release a new music there will always be pros and cons for each season and you should work on these to your advantage while getting the most out of the quiet periods. So check this article to make sure you pick up the right day and then read our guide "Everything you need to know about selling your music online".
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5 Tips to Promote Your Next Concert

Every independent musician needs to develop a strategy for promoting their concerts and there is no secret formula for selling out a venue, it's largely the hard work and time of connecting and following up with your fan base. Of course you can utilise the customary process of flyers and well designed posters and even hire a promotion agency, but most of the work that goes into your strategy you will have to personally establish and maintain yourself.
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An Introduction to Diggers Factory

Now more than ever the two most crucial ways to release your music is with digital streaming and on vinyl. If you are truly passionate about music you understand how important vinyl records are and how momentous it feels to release your album on vinyl. It's not merely a nostalgic come-back to replace the CD market, it is the perfect format for taking your precious time to appreciate and listen to a work of art. It's never been simple or cost effective for independent musicians to release vinyl, but maybe now it finally is, introducing Diggers Factory- a vinyl on demand network that offers artists and labels the opportunity to produce records with the help of the community.
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New Ways to Listen to Classical Music

Where is the sweet middle ground where easy access and higher value intersect?
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