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Sell your music on Deezer

Let's take a look what's Deezer and how you sell your music on Deezer

iMusician distributes music to Deezer

Numbers of Deezer

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+180 Launched Countries
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Top Countries
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56 Million Tracks in the library
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14 Million Active Listeners
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2007 Year Establish

Sell Your Music on Deezer

With over 35 million tracks, 30,000 radio channels and 16 million active users, Deezer is one of the leading streaming platforms in Europe, so you’ll be guaranteed that users will be able to find your music. Not sure how to sell music on Deezer? Is there a lot of paperwork to go through? Do they take any kind of music? What’s the deal with rights? It can look complicated but don’t worry, it can be done easily enough.

Key Facts about Deezer

Internationally significant

Deezer is the most accessible streaming service worldwide, available in 180 countries and 9 different languages. If you’re looking to to sell your music in every corner of the world such access is an invaluable asset! Compared to its main competitor Spotify which can only be used 58 countries, Deezer has expanded its reach to conquer new markets.

High quality with Deezer Elite

Thanks to a SONOS partnership, Deezer offers its catalogue in high quality. Lauched in 2014 in the USA and beginning of 2015 in Europe, this offer allows the users (connected to SONOS only) to listen to all titles in a hi-fi quality.

Focus on content and personalisation

Since the beginning, Deezer has always prioritzed on content and has supported independants artists and labels.

With Deezer playlists and selections, the editorial team selects the best digital releases for you. The recommandation system Flow is a personalised radio based on your preferences and tastes which is very practical if you don’t know what to listen to and if you want to discover new artists.

Want to learn about each streaming platform and how to sell your music on Beatport, Spotify, iTunes and more? Read our blog articles dedicated to each service.

And now, how do I put and distribute my music on Deezer?

For unsigned artists, use an online digital distribution service

Wondering how to spread your music with Deezer ? Deezer advises on its webpage that the eaisiest way is to go through a distributor like iMusician. You can contact them afterwards to personalise your page, get some statistics and highlight your productions.

As musicians ourselves we know what it’s like getting your first release out there so we’re offering you the chance to release your single, album or EP on Deezer with a simple and cheap offer.

There’s no catch or hidden costs ; there’s no start up fee, no yearly fee, no charge for barcodes or ISRCs and you can cancel at any time. To get started all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

For artists signed by a label

Just ask your label to distribute you on Deezer. Your label’s partner has certainly an agreement with Deezer and will be able to deliver directly. If not, your label will have to contact Deezer.

Note: iMusician has special offers for independent labels.

How to get started?

To get started all you have to do is the following:

  • Create your account below.
  • Upload your album, single or EP
  • We do the work in getting it on Deezer

So you want to put your music on Deezer but have you ever thought about the other possibilities ?

We think that the Deezer offer is a good place to start to offer your music to a wide audience but you should also look at our other options we have. We deliver to more than 250 online platforms which you can access in just one click. Don’t hesitate to read our FAQ for more info.

How can you prepare your digital release on Deezer?

The most important thing is of course your music. To be exported, we need it in WAV format, 16-bits, 44.1 kHz.(minimum required quality) Then you have to prepare your album recover to meet the online requirements. We need one JPG image (2400×2400 pixels), not pixelated (min. 72 dpi) and your artist name + album/EP title has to appear on the cover. If you are releasing a single, the main single title has to appear on the cover.

Start promoting your music ! Your music on Deezer is a good start but you should include links to Deezer on your website, Facebook profile and promote it on your social media channels to inform your fans where they can listen to your music. Check out our blog, we are giving tips and tricks about music distribution and music promotion.

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