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Think RecordJet is the cheapest option for distribution? Think again.

With iMusician you have found your RecordJet alternative: You only pay once to keep your music online forever on the widest range of download stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

Choosing your digital music distribution company is a crucial step in your music-making journey, often influencing your potential growth and determining the legacy you leave behind. At iMusician, we hope to be your ultimate one-stop-360 music industry and business partner, centering everything we do around you and your needs as an independent musician. This page gives you an easy-to-read, informative breakdown of the differences between RecordJet and iMusician — covering the most important subjects independent artists and record labels need to think about.

RecordJet VS iMusician Comparison

How is iMusician better than RecordJet?

Fees paid for one album with 100% royalties*
RecordJet Logo


10% to 0%

Price per single

19€ or 9€ per year

Price per EP

29€ or 19€ per year

Price per album

39€ or 29€ per year

Electronic Music Distribution on Traxsource

Free Submissions to owned Playlists

Subscription Flexibility

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Up to 0%

Price per single

9€ one-time

Price per EP

15€ one-time

Price per album

20€ one-time

Electronic Music Distribution on Traxsource

Included with AMPLIFY+

Free Submissions to owned Playlists

Subscription Flexibility

What are iMusician benefits compared to RecordJet?

Widest range of shops and genres worldwide including classical and electronic music

At iMusician, we believe that the genre of music you make should showcase your strengths not cause you trouble. Afterall, what really matters is that you get your music out in the world and heard. We’re proud to distribute your music, no matter what genre, including electronic and classical music to download and streaming services you want.

Speaking of electronic music, we also cover the largest selection of electronic music shops, including Traxsource, Beatport or Juno Download. This way we make sure you’re able to maximize your reach to your audience wherever they listen to music, without compromising on your choice of music genres or your artistic vision. RecordJet doesn’t deliver your music on Traxsource.

Personal support at its best

We are aware that talking about all things ‘music business’ can be complicated and daunting. We understand that it’s much easier to communicate about these things in your mother language, and in your own words.

That’s why we have an excellent Artist and Label Relations team that is here to provide you with the best service among music distribution services — in six different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. You can ask us anything and we’ll be more than happy to guide you.


No, RecordJet is not for free. You need to pay either a high price per release with a commission or a yearly fee to keep your releases online.

For example, if you decide to release 3 albums with RecordJet under the Business Class plan, it’ll cost you 3x39€ = 117€. With iMusician, you’ll pay 60€, half the price!

This is simple.

  1. Keep your ISRCs codes and UPC barcodes of your releases distributed via RecordJet

  2. Request the takedown of your releases on RecordJet

  3. Create your releases on iMusician and be sure to insert the same UPC and ISRCs codes where it is required so you will keep the same count of streams, downloads, playlists, etc.

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