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How do I set up a pre-save page for my release?

Setting up a pre-save page for your release is a powerful way to build anticipation, engage your audience, and maximize your release's impact. By allowing your fans to pre-save your music, you ensure that they won't miss out on your new tracks as soon as they drop. Ready to boost your music promotion?

Pre-save pages can be added to your Release Page if you're on one of our AMPLIFY plans.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Subscribe to any AMPLIFY plan: Pre-save pages are available exclusively to our AMPLIFY subscribers. Ensure you're subscribed to one of our AMPLIFY plans.
  2. Release page creation: Once your release is paid for, a Release Page is automatically generated.
  3. Manage your release page:
  • Open your release library and click "Manage" to access your Release Page settings.
  1. Enable pre-save:
  • Toggle the "Get Pre-save Page" option
  • Click "Save and Close" to confirm
  1. Share your pre-save link:
  • Your pre-save links will be available after about an hour.
  • Copy the URL and share it with your community.
  • Links to all other shops will be added and updated automatically within 48 hours of the release date.

Ready to take your music promotion to the next level? Set up your pre-save page today with iMusician!