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Structuring Your Live Set with Ableton Live

Follow Skinnerbox on their journey of discussing playing live electronic music. Part 1: How to play your electronic music live: an introduction Hello and welcome back to the next chapter of our blog series! Last time we touched the tip of the “playing live electronic music” iceberg, and today we are ready to crush our wooden ships on it. Hope you are too! As the title suggests we will be talking about structuring your live set within Ableton live (sorry folks, we know there are other platforms out there, but we don't really consider any other software to be a serious alternative when it comes to non-linear live electronic performance) with emphasis on controllerism. As this is my (Iftah) part of the job, I'll be writing this article and will deconstruct my live set in order to help you structure yours.I assume that you have some basic knowledge of computer music, if you don't and you still want to read it, the internet is your best friend! there are many resources that can help you start.
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Studio Mastering

What is mastering?

There are lots of myths about the mastering process. What is mastering? Do we need it? If you've asked yourself these questions too, then seek no further - we'll try to explain what mastering is all about:
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