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Sell your music on Spotify

Let's take a look what's Spotify and how you sell your music on Spotify

iMusician distributes music to Spotify

Numbers of Spotify

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92 Launched Countries
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50+ Million Tracks in the library
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286 Million/ Month Active Listeners
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2008 Year estabilished

Sell Your Music on Spotify

Spotify is the leading music streaming service worldwide, offering both major and independent label contents. Spotify offers two models: users can either listen to music for free with audio advertisements in between tracks, or pay a subscription to remove the advertisements and access other premium features such as offline listening.

Either way, you make money every time someone streams your music. So how do you upload and sell your music on Spotify? Unfortunately Spotify does not have direct deals with independent musicians and labels, which is why the easiest is to go through a digital distributor like iMusician. No set up or yearly fee, no paperwork, we save you all the boring work and distribute your music on all the streaming platforms and up to 250 other music services.

Key Facts about Spotify

As of January 2018, the Swedish service reported 157 million users with 71 million paying subscribers. The library contains over 35 million songs mixed into 2 billion playlists and the revenue paid to rightholders just reached €8 billion. Spotify is now available in 65 countries including Brazil, Vietnam, Israel and South Africa. The company made its debut on the New York stock market on April 3rd 2018 with a share price set at $165.90, that makes the company valuation at $29.5 billion.

Moreover, Spotify launched last year “Spotify for artists” – an online tool to help artists to manage and customize their own artist profile with pictures, biography, social links and more features. And once an artist profile is well set, it’s possible to start promoting songs and get them into Spotify playlists to increase streams and revenue!

How to get started?

Now, how does it work? It’s very simple, all you have to do is create an account here for free and upload your music in your iMusician dashboard. We take care of the rest. No catch or hidden costs. There’s no start up fee, no yearly fee and you can cancel at any time. To get started all you have to do is the following:

Create your account below.

Upload your album, single or EP.

We do the boring work in getting it on Spotify.

You start making money!

Spotify for Artists

"Spotify for Artists" is an online tool that allows artists to manage and customize their own artist profile with images, biographies, social media links and more. Once you set up your artist profile, you can use it to promote songs and pitch them into Spotify playlists to boost your streams and revenues!

With this online tool, you can decorate your artist page yourself as a solo artist or band. You can also give other people access to your site, so that your tour manager or booker can edit the information on the site. It is even possible to restrict access for third parties to certain areas only.

You can also enter your concert details there. For this feature you only have to register with Songkick and your listeners will be notified as soon as you performing in their area. Another advantage of Songkick is that you can also use this Tourbox on other platforms like Bandcamp, Soundcloud or even Shazam!

You can also create your own playlist, the so-called "Artist's Picks". There you can share your favorite tracks or your musical influences and get closer to your audience. Don't forget to also feature your own songs in the playlist, so that your fans don't forget whose music is the focus of attention here.

A well written and thorough biography can increase your sites appeal. So throw in a few fun facts!

Recently, Spotify for Artists not only gives you the possibility to add a profile or cover picture, but you can also design your site with a complete photo gallery. In this gallery you can add meaningful pictures that tell your band's story or shows off your personality.

Another new feature is the direct sale of your merchandise through Spotify. To do so, you first have to register with Merchbar, who work with Spotify for this feature. This allows your listeners to purchase your vinyls directly through Spotify and enjoy your music offline.

Once you have uploaded your release via iMusician, your music is published on Spotify, and you have completed your Spotify site with your own details, favorite songs and facts about your music, you can start pitching your songs!

Below is a list of 10 playlists that you can submit music to for free.

So, happy pitching!

  • Work Hard Playlist Hard
  • Indiemono
  • Soundplate
  • daily playlists
  • Spingrey
  • For the love of bands
  • Indie Underground
  • Tunemunk
  • iMusician
  • Submit Hub Limit of 2 credits.

Bonus Tips

The optimization of your artist page is of course a nice thing and above all it's a lot of fun. Be it changing the artist photos, creating an Instagram account in your photo gallery, sharing your music with fans, etc ...

But of course it is also interesting to know how your profile affects the listeners? Who actually listens to my music and from which regions do my listeners come? With Spotify for Artists you also have the possibility to view statistics and analyze your music!

You can find out where in the world your most fans are. You may be surprised how far your music has made it! This information is important and essential to plan your upcoming release or even tour. You should analyze it carefully and use it for PR campaigns.

As you can see, there is almost no limit to the possibilities to increase your fanbase and optimize your strategy.

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