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7 reasons why AMPLIFY+ is what you need to take your music to the next level

  • Martina
  • 22 November 2023, Wednesday
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7 reasons why AMPLIFY - iMusician

Are you actively looking to elevate your music? At iMusician, we've got you covered! As a music distributing company, we are constantly seeking new solutions for independent artists, like yourself, to help them level up and make their music ambitions a reality. In this article, we’re diving into our AMPLIFY+ subscription and why this is exactly what you might need for your music career right now.

1. A plan designed for artists to thrive financially from their music

While continuously developing and introducing new tools and features is crucial for us, we’re also striving to develop ways that will allow musicians to keep as much money they’ve earned through their music as possible. Therefore, with our AMPLIFY+, you will pay no commission rate at all, meaning you’ll keep 100% of your sales revenue.

Speaking of keeping more money to yourself, we have recently introduced so-called iMusician Amps, designed exclusively for our AMPLIFY+ members. Amps are like mighty tokens automatically credited to your account every month at no additional cost and can be used to offset costs for various products, including Digital Music Distribution and Instant Mastering.

This means that once you collect a particular amount of Amps, you can use them to cover the costs of distributing your latest release or elevating your sound with Instant Mastering. You will save money to work on and release your music and then get 100% of the money that you’ve earned with that music.

2. A plan designed for artists to thrive financially from their music

Let’s imagine you have a label or a partner that wants to distribute and promote your music in a particular country and you only want to release your music in all the other countries and regions.

AMPLIFY+ enables you to choose explicitly the places where you want your music to be delivered, allowing you to get into licensing or partnership agreements that can target a specific target audience and further advance your career. Of course, releasing your music worldwide is also possible!

3. Benefit from excellent email support in just one business day & 6 different languages

At iMusician, we know that open and clear communication between us and you, the artists, is essential. Mastering all facets of today’s music industry might be difficult, especially when it comes to the business side of it. This is why, with AMPLIFY+, artists can get excellent email support from our dedicated team of Artist & Label Relations managers with a response time of just one working day.

What’s more, as a company that offers its services internationally and is made up of an international team of people from all over the world, we know very well how difficult it can be to discuss complicated things in a language that’s not our mother tongue. We, therefore, aim to provide support in as many languages as possible. Currently, it is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Italian.

4. Unveil your ultimate potential with Music Analytics

Music data is powerful but can also be extensive and confusing, especially if you're using multiple analytics tools simultaneously. With our Music Analytics, you get access to music data from all your streaming platforms and shops in one single place.

The clear visual charts with easy-to-understand trends help you fully analyze your music performance; learn who your listeners are and how they interact with your music; and eventually optimize your promo efforts on the go. Additionally, you get to easily keep track of your sales and streaming revenue without having to make any calculations — our tool does the math for you!

Blue and Black Graphs

5. A professional web presence in just minutes with a premium Artist Page

A professional and consistent web presence is crucial for your artist brand. Building an artist website, however, can get quite complicated, especially if you’re using complex page builders, such as Wix or Squarespace. At iMusician, we see this as a serious obstacle in the way of artists trying to promote themselves and their music.

That’s why, we’ve decided to build our own ‘website wizard’ tool tailored specifically to the needs of independent musicians, called Artist Pages, that allows them to create a professional web presence in just minutes. 3 simple steps are all you need to create your premium Artist Page to:

  • showcase your releases in one place;

  • share previews of unreleased music and your latest videos;

  • promote your tour and boost ticket sales;

  • manifest your accomplishments in the designated press section,

  • and much more.

What’s more, you can create your Artist Page and get your brand started even if you haven’t released anything before and/or you’ve distributed your music with someone else. On top of that, once created, your Artist Page will forever be available to you and your fans, no matter what! Even if you ever decide to downgrade, your link will never expire, so your fans won’t miss a thing!

6. Create buzz for your release like never before with a premium Release Page

The feeling of announcing your new release to the world is unbeatable — both for you and your fans. With the pre-save tool, included in our premium Release Page, you can start creating buzz for your new music and collecting your fans’ saves on Spotify and Deezer from the moment you announce it — however long before the release date that is.

What’s more, on the release date, the pre-save page automatically turns into the ultimate customizable release page in the form of a smartlink (and the page link stays the same!). With this, you can easily send your fans directly to your selected streaming and download platforms, feature your bio, promote your tour and upcoming gigs, and showcase your accomplishments in the dedicated press tab.

Just like in the case of Artist Pages, your Release Page will stay online forever and the URL will never change — no matter what! And the cherry on top? All artists are welcome on board! You can create your Release Page even if you already distributed your music with someone else!

7. Make use of our editorial playlist pitching

At iMusician, we’re well aware that getting playlisted in official editorial playlists of streaming platforms is a great boost for an artist's visibility, generating streams, and thus monetization.

As an AMPLIFY+ member, you’re eligible for our playlist pitching service, where our industry insiders will listen to your music and pitch your track to top playlist curators on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Beatport, Apple Music and more!

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Get tips on How to Succeed as an Artist, receive Music Distribution Discounts, and get the latest iMusician news sent straight to your inbox! Everything you need to grow your music career.