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How can I set up a Pre-save page for my release?

Pre-save pages are now included in our Artist Hub Pro release page.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set up Pre-saves for your upcoming release:

When uploading your release with iMusician, you will get to a step called “Extra Features”. Choose “Artist Hub Pro”:

Please note: you can also upgrade to Artist Hub Pro when your release is already submitted (meaning when its status is “Paid - in quality check”, “In delivery” or “delivered”). If you want to know how to do that, please have a look at this FAQ article.

As soon as your release is uploaded and paid, you will be able to set up your Artist Hub Pro pre-save page. How it works: 

Open the release from your release library and click on ‘Edit Artist Hub Pro’

Switch the toggle for “Get Pre-save Page”, add additional information like your bio, an artist picture, an EPK or upcoming tour and livestream dates (all optional), and hit the button “Save and close” .

Your Artist Hub Pro page will be generated and you will find your personal URL on the release page a few minutes later, under “Artist Hub”.

Please note that the pre-save links will be available 1h after you confirmed and paid your Artist Hub Pro.

Your Artist Hub Pro page including Pre-saves is now ready and you can share it with your community! Please note that the links to all other shops will be automatically added and updated on release date (within 48hrs from the release date).