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Brandon Miller

How to make music for musical theater imusician

How to make music for musical theater

“You are free to do what you want as long as it doesn't turn into a concert.”Composing for musical theater is quite different than making an album or performing a concert in the sense that the music you are making should support the scenes, story and overall production rather than just stand out from the rest by forcing it's own personality into the performance. That being said it doesn't mean that the music made for theater can't be developed into an album. Over all you are free to do what you want as long as it doesn't turn into a concert. There are no rules but maybe just one, the music isn't about itself alone, it's about the project.
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Buy Spotify Plays iMusician

Buy Spotify Plays: Fake Streams, Real Dreams

Why You Should Never Pay to Artificially Boost Your Streams on Spotify
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2 Black Vinyls With Leaves With Camera And Laptop

Record Release Checklist

So your album is finally finished and you are anxious to release your new music to the world! Here are some questions to ask yourself before release day!
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Deezer Logo And Blur Playlists Categories Background

Deezer playlists - The new competition for musicians

As radio, print and television are becoming more obsolete as a marketing tool for independent musicians, streaming playlist providers such as Deezer or Spotify are at the top of the game.
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Apple Screen With Speakers Microphone and Piedal Recording

4 Best DAW for Beginners in 2023

"It is best to use a simple and easy to manage DAW to learn and develop one's skills before investing in anything more complex."
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