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How to Legally Clear Samples For Your Copyrighted Music?

Whether you’re an electronic or urban music producer, you’re more than likely to be using samples in your tracks. Is sampling stealing other people’s music though? The tricky issue was covered in a previous piece about clearing samples. For the beginners and others interested, but not familiar with the genesis of this technique, this article is tracing back to the sources of sampling.
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Beatport Hype Influence The Influencers Screenshot Website

BEATPORT HYPE: a good deal for upcoming indie artists and labels?

Last June, the music industry giant launched Beatport Hype. This new feature should give more visibility to rising labels and artists who might have fewer chances to see their tracks end up in DJs’ bucket lists.
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Turntable DJ With Beer

(Gay, queer, femmes) how working in a music collective can be beneficial to your career

You’re an upcoming artist? Gaining exposure and break through the music industry can be tough when you don’t know where to start. Although having an online visibility such as provided by social media is the core of your PR, options are wide and it can get easily overwhelming. Before signing a deal with a record label, you might want to spread your work on a community basis, especially if you’re already part of a queer or LGBT community.
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