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i’M REGGAE | Reggae music created by independent artists from across the world

A selection of our favorite reggae tracks by independent artists from Jamaica and beyond.

Im reggae playlist imusician

Thanks to its distinct sound and approach towards lyrics and vocals, reggae music continues to remain many people’s favorite genre. With its roots lying in late 1960s Jamaica, it has quickly become popular on an international level. Our playlist i'M Reggae aims to gather some of the best reggae curated by iMusician.

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What genres and subgenres can you find in our reggae playlist?

Our playlist consists of reggae music and subgenres such as dancehall, roots reggae, dub, reggae fusion, rocksteady, ska, lovers rock, or reggaeton from independent artists all across the world.

How do you benefit from submitting to our playlist?

Playlist placements can boost your credibility and visibility, which can make you more appealing to media outlets, music journalists, record labels and their A&R professionals. We're eager to hear your music, and our playlists are here to help you grow your fanbase and advance your career.

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Do you have questions when it comes to our playlist submission process?

There are no limitations! If you cannot decide which track from your release would best fit the vibe of the playlist, feel free to submit multiple tracks.

There are no limitations! In case you're not sure which playlist your track is best fit for, feel free to submit your track to multiple playlists.

We usually update our playlists once per month. If you can't find your track in the following playlist update please try it again with your next release and don't take it personally – human beings curate our playlists and you maybe haven't met the curator's taste. Since we're receiving a vast number of submissions we cannot contact you in case you're submission was unsuccessful.

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